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La Commedia 43. Beatrice admonishes Dante

from Purgatorio, Canto XXX

Woodcut-La Commedia 43. Beatrice admonishes Dante

Dante wanders around the Earthly Paradise, taking in the fragrant air and marvelling at the beautiful trees and the lovely flowers. He comes to a stream where he can go no further. On the other bank his true love Beatrice on a chariot drawn by a griffin appears in a solemn procession. Dante turns to Virgil to tell him how overwhelming this re-encounter is: but Virgil has gone. Dante breaks down and cries like an abandoned child, while Beatrice on the other shore of the River Lethe sternly upbraids him for his straying from the path of Truth.


Printed on hand made Japanese paper in the edition of 30.


Image size approx. 61cm X 92cm

Price: £ 360.00 + PP

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