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La Commedia 58. In the Celestial Rose

from Paradiso, Canto XXXI

Woodcut-La Commedia 58. In the Celestial Rose

As Dante’s takes in the River of Light with his eyes, it turns into an enormous luminous white rose. The darting lights are, in fact, angels. The linear and masculine images of some of the previous cantos are replaced by a feminine womb-like image of the flower. In the Celestial Rose, Beatrice takes her seat near the Virgin Mary. St. Bernard, the main instigator of the cult of the Virgin takes over the role of the guide. St. Bernard praises the Virgin Mary for being the embodiment of Love.  Beatrice smiles at Dante one last time, as he addresses her in the familiar form - first time in the story - as the woman he loves.


Printed on hand made Japanese paper in the edition of 30.


Image size approx. 61cm X 92cm

Price: £ 360.00 + PP

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