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La Commedia 12. The Minotaur

from Inferno, Canto XII

Woodcut-la Commedia 12. The Minotaur

Surprising number of characters in Hell are taken from classical mythology. It is partly to do with their archetypal roles. The Minotaur of Crete, the Animal-man, might be a symbol of the conflict between Nature and Man within us. In this upper part of Lower Hell violence is the cause of punishments. Violence is seen by Dante as the animal nature in man. Here the lone Minotaur gnaws himself in violent rage on the edge of the ravine. Dante and Virgil run past him without being noticed.

Printed on hand made Japanese paper in the edition of 30.

Image size approx. 92cm X 61cm

Price: £ 360.00 + PP

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