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la Commedia 46. Dante recounts (and I draw)

from Paradiso, Canto I

Woodcut-la Commedia 46. Dante recounts (and I draw)

Paradiso opens with Dante back in the world of living, reminiscing his inconceivable and ineffable experiences in Paradise. However, he is totally ambiguous even about whether he has been physically there or not. He invokes Apollo for the poetic power to write down what he has seen. Behind him is the map of the medieval world Dante lived in and the figure on the left is the artist drawing a portrait of Dante. The Italian word ‘paradiso’ comes from ‘paradaeza’ in Persian, which means garden.

Printed on hand made Japanese paper in the edition of 30.

Image size approx. 61cm X 92cm

Price: £ 360.00 + PP

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