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La Commedia 47. The Departure with Beatrice

from Paradiso, Canto II

Woodcut-La Commedia 47. The Departure with Beatrice

Back in the Earthly Paradise Beatrice is now Dante’s guide. Beatrice is Sophia: the embodiment of wisdom, but she is still a woman Dante loved and wrote Vita Nuova for; which makes La Commedia so personal and unique. He is empowered by his old love, and, now reunited, Beatrice’s smiling eyes make him feel stronger to carry on with his journey. Paradiso is the ultimate fulfilment of Dante’s love for Beatrice. It is very easy to be bogged down by the dogmatic content of Paradiso which seems to be so alien to us today, but we must not forget it is “love which moves the sun and other stars”: the last line of Paradiso. Dante turns his gaze on Beatrice and she on Heaven. Before he knows how, he finds himself surrounded by bright light.


Printed on hand made Japanese paper in the edition of 30.


Image size approx. 92cm X 61cm

Price: £ 360.00 + PP

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